an international phenomenon

An international phenomenon. Today, “Scrooge” is helping churches reach communities by providing an incredible evangelistic piece that is universally appealing enough to create a non-threatening environment for those who do not know the Lord. This musical has had a powerful impact on the church’s perception of the use of drama. So much so that hundreds of churches have produced “Scrooge” and it has been translated into Spanish and performed in eight different countries.

Gospel Christmas Play

The Gospel According to Scrooge - Production Package

Already seen at hundreds of churches across America and around the world, this amazingly enduring musical drama is available as a comprehensive package for your church. Even smaller ministries have staged effective productions and seen growth in attendance and souls for the Kingdom. Some have put it on every year for over 20 years. Click here to order.


The Gospel According to Scrooge - The Book

The book some are calling "... the best new Christmas book in a decade." This 120 page, soft-cover volume takes the Dickens classic and adds a spiritual component that has always been there between the lines. A great read and an ideal bedtime story. (Hardcover available at Please contact us for international shipping rates. Click here to order.