an international phenomenon

An international phenomenon. Today, “Scrooge” is helping churches reach communities by providing an incredible evangelistic piece that is universally appealing enough to create a non-threatening environment for those who do not know the Lord. This musical has had a powerful impact on the church’s perception of the use of drama. So much so that hundreds of churches have produced “Scrooge” and it has been translated into Spanish and performed in eight different countries.


JP Music - 1 minute promo

A special Holiday Presentation of The Gospel According to Scrooge. This Musical Stage Production has been performed in hundreds of churches around the world. Now you can perform it at your church. For information on all the materials needed contact us HERE.

Kingwood Church

This play is put on every year around the first two weeks of December at the Kingwood Church in Alabaster AL. You can find out more about the Kingwood Church by visiting their website at


The Gospel According to Scrooge - WLCN HD is a community-oriented TV station delivering specialized programming that informs and entertains the people of Charleston and the surrounding communities.

Radiant Life Church

Here is the 2009 Radiant LIfe Church promo production of The Gospel According to Scrooge . Radiant Life Church of Dublin, Ohio is a local fellowship of the people of Central Ohio affiliated with the Assemblies of God.

Scrooge The Musical

From the Original 1982 performance: A Young Scrooge, his grade school Teacher and his classmates sing about the real meaning of Christmas.

Gospel According to Scrooge - Act 2 Scene 3

Here is a hilarious sample of the Gospel According to Scrooge stage production, performed in 2007. This is Act 2 - Scene 3.

Scrooge The Musical

From the Original 1982 performance: Scrooge has finally had enough with the Christmas carolers outside his office, so he goes outside to tell them how he feels.

The Gospel According to Scrooge

Promo for the First Assembly of God, Crestview Florida. This was the ad that was running on television for their upcoming church production.

Scrooge The Musical Song - Wha-Da-Ya-Say

From the Original 1982 performance: Scrooge comes to the church to inform Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, and rest of the congregation that their prayers worked. This is the Song Wha-Da-Ya-Say.

The Yes and No Game

From the Original 1982 performance: Bob Chrachit and his family celebrate Christmas Eve together and play a guessing game at Scrooge's expense.

Scrooge 2010 - Faith Assembly

Time to do it again! The Gospel According to Scrooge is coming to Faith Assembly for the 21st big year, December 10-13, 2010.

(Music is from Dreampilots, "One More Time", on Redhammer Records.)

Gospel According to Scrooge 1999 - (1 of 10)

Performed by members of First Assembly of God in Bedford, Indiana in 1999. Part 1 of 10.