an international phenomenon

An international phenomenon. Today, “Scrooge” is helping churches reach communities by providing an incredible evangelistic piece that is universally appealing enough to create a non-threatening environment for those who do not know the Lord. This musical has had a powerful impact on the church’s perception of the use of drama. So much so that hundreds of churches have produced “Scrooge” and it has been translated into Spanish and performed in eight different countries.


After 22 years of performing The Gospel According To Scrooge it has been dubbed by the local newspaper as "a perennial classic." The show's familiar characters and strong message appeal to such a wide range of ages and people groups that it's easy to understand why it has become such a valuable ministry tool for First Assembly. Each year we see thousands come to our multiple performances with dozens making public decisions for Christ. I would highly recommend this musical for anyone looking for direct access to the heart of a community.

Jarrod Brunson, Minister of Music at First Assembly of God, Ocala, FL
"We have had wonderful response to the "Scrooge" musical. Our people brought many visitors and fifty to sixty people found the Lord at the performances. The music is wonderful and the story so well told that the whole community ends up talking about it. It makes Christmas what it should be."

First Assembly of God; Phoenix City, AL
"We had a great season with "The Gospel According to Scrooge" this year. Our auditorium holds about 600 and we had a total of around 2550 attending. We used our Choir and children's dept. so had 100 or so in the cast. More than 50 were saved. What a great outreach! We will do it again this coming year. It was a blessing."

Diane Caldwell; Minister of music and fine arts Clear Creek Christian Assembly of God, Springboro, OH
"The Gospel According to Scrooge" was a great event this season. Nearly 3,000 attended our performances. We can only seat 500 or so, but did a number of shows. We had 100+ in the cast and the audience loved it. We are recommending this Christmas musical to all our friends in the ministry. We've never done anything at Christmas with this powerful a message. It's wonderful."

Pastor Damien Wright Harvest Temple, Griffin, GA
"What a wonderful show! We have now done it several times over the last few years and the response is terrific. We have a pretty large auditorium, (1100) but needed to do five performances to get the people in. The community at large is drawn in and the Good News is so beautifully presented. We will do it again next Christmas."

Pastor Kay Gross, Director Radiant Life Church, Dublin, OH
"We have presented the "Scrooge" musical for 6 of the last 7 years. That speaks for itself, I think. Our people and the folks all around look forward to it every year. Our auditorium seats 600 and we had a cast of 80. This great musical has built and strengthened our church. We recommend it for any ministry that wants to see the gospel presented, even at Christmastime. We plan to do it again in 08."

Warner Robbins First Baptist Church - Pastor Mike Cruse Warner Robbins, GA
"Our church has been blessed to put on "The Gospel According to Scrooge" for the past two years. It is amazing to watch how people respond to that classic story. The unchurched are willing to come and then they see the Gospel so clearly portrayed. The music adds so much. People walk around humming and singing for the whole month. We seat about 650. We did 4 performances and had a cast of 35. We recommend it highly. JP Music helps every church in every way possible."

Pastor Cory Black First Assembly of God, Crestview, FL
"We are a small country church in Iowa. It was hard to imagine doing this production at first, but we felt strongly that it was what the Lord wanted. We have now done it multiple times over the years and it has a powerful impact on our whole area every time. We only seat 300 in our church, but have a cast of 100 because we open it up to the whole community. What a great thing that is in itself. If a church our size can do it, almost anyone can!"

Pastor Ray Hoke Bethel Church, Boone, IA
"We have been involved in the production of "The Gospel According to Scrooge" for many years. This fine musical tells the gospel story in such a clear and powerful way and bridges out to the non- churchgoing in a way nothing else seems to manage. As a church, it is our gift to the community so we take no offering. We are not large,(400 seats) but had 5 performances. 138 people gave their lives to Christ! It's like that every time. God uses this play to reach the lost. We are privileged to be a part of what He is doing. We heartily recommend it."

Dean and Patty Demos Trinity Fellowship, Sharpsburg,GA
"The Gospel According to Scrooge" is an amazing production. We first heard about it back in 1991. Somehow, it fell through the cracks and we found again in 2006. What a blessing! I'm new here and have been having the time of my life as the director. We seat 600 and did 5 performances. The weather did not cooperate so the total attendance was only 1500. 200 came forward,(we do an altar call) and gave their hearts to the Lord. Amazing! We will be doing it again in 08. Any church that has a desire to use drama will be thrilled with the story and the music."

Pastor Jeff Saxton, Director Rochester Assembly of God, Rochester, MN
"I play the role of Ebenezer Scrooge in "The Gospel According to Scrooge - the Musical" It does good things for my spirit just to be involved. This production is unique and powerful. As a church body, everyone gets involved in one way or another. The congregation gets to know one another better and the body is strengthened as a result. We did 3 performances this season and we seat 450. We had a cast of 60 this year and it worked quite well. If you want a fresh way to reach out to your whole community, "Scrooge" is the best way I know."

Jerry Helms Cornerstone Church, Moline, IL
"We are a fairly good-sized church in Florida. We seat 1200 and usually do 4 performances a season. Our church has grown over the years and "Scrooge" has played a significant part in that growth. This play never seems to lose it's appeal. We just finished our 22nd year of presenting it to our little city. The only risk you run in putting on in your own church is that you may be compelled to do it annually from then on, as has been the case with us."

Pastor Jarrod Brunsen, Director Ocala First Assembly of God, Ocalla, FL